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Why No One Throws Away Memories

Long before Facebook and Twitter  were born, and computers and mobile phones invaded our lives, people had trusted the postal system to connect with their loved ones. Sending letters, especially greeting cards on special occasions were the fad at that time . And when you say greeting cards , the first thing that comes to mind will always be Hallmark Greeting Cards.

In the Philippines, National Bookstore had grown to be the most widely visited store not only for books, school supplies, but also for greeting cards as well. It also had been a favorite rendezvous  if I am ask for suggestions when meeting a friend. Since I love  to read, I do not get bored and even forget that I am waiting while I scroll the pages of an interesting book or scan some Hallmark greeting cards that would catch my fancy.  A very simple whim, which I have never outgrown.

Part of the reason why I love  giving out greeting cards is because of the thought that comes with it.Though it is a given  that each time you give a gift , it is the thought that always count,  the mere simplicity of the act plus the poetry written on the card  touches anyone’s heart especially if  you are not really good with words or had ran out of it.

There had been a time when Hallmark Greeting cards had very heartwarming commercials . It even had a jingle composed by the gifted Jose Marie Chan , whose lyrics I have learned from a classmate who became a  very good friend until now. I have to admit I  missed those commercials . Of  giving and  receiving greeting cards as well. Of simple acts of kindness.  Of little things, like sharing and doing an extra mile out of real concern, without any ulterior motives on the side.

It is so overwhelming to get swamped with technology and information, as you get drunk with fame and recognition. I just hoped that when a person gets a slice of the good life, he can still find the time to look back  and remember that, more often than not,  in this world, it is the little things that count a lot.



(Hallmark Greeting Cards Jingle was sung by Richard Tan. Video credits to youtube. com )


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I am a single parent who has seven kids, three of them have special needs. I blog mostly about the struggles and triumphs of parenting and motherhood, but topics like laughter, kidstuff, movies, music, friendships and family relationships also appeal to me. Aside from writing, I am also interested in photography and plans on studying even the basics of it. Life is full of different colors, but I would prefer living by looking the brighter side of it. I hope you do too.

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  1. It surely brought me down memory lane hearing that song (jingle). Though I must admit, I threw a few of those Hallmark cards away that I received over the years. Though I have not let go of the memories they brought.

    • I still have three Hallmark greeting cards. One came from a very good friend way back college days who is now a godparent to my eldest daughter. That post was for him and is now in Saudi Arabia. We only get to connect through facebook. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I still write letters, I feel too young to be old fashioned, but letters used to be my lifeline when I was at boarding school, when I would write many letters every week. Now it’s just my Dad, a dear friend of my mother’s (since my Mum passed away) and a girlfriend who travelled with me to India for 3 weeks and became a friend for life, she is a travel guide and spends her days in the forest, near lakes and in nature in the South Island of New Zealand, a world away from where I now live, but the feeling when I go to the letterbox is the same as when I used to stand on the stairs at lunchtime with 100 other girls and wait to hear my name called or not.

    A letter is a gift, a small pleasure and I think it is sad that it is a dying art. Will the post office become something from the past as well I wonder?

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